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Information for foreign car dealers

Our Company APEG Automarkt is an independent car supplier of new and used EU-specified cars. Since the year 2000, we have been procuring cars in a variety of EU member states.

As a multi-brand B2B-trader we sold > 6.000 cars in 2016. This makes us one of the most successful wholesale importers in Southern Germany.

We prefer reliable long-term business relations and appreciate bulk offers, particularly new cars of the following makes:

#VW #Seat #Audi# Skoda #Fiat #Suzuki #Ford #Nissan #Renault #Mercedes #Opel #Volvo #Hyundai

Offers regarding one-day registrations, leasing and car rental returns are also welcome. If you are a car dealer interested in selling cars to us, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr. Michael Plötscher
Managing Director 

Phone: +49 (0)7563-91391-21
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